Friday, October 22, 2010

The Unsure Cartoonist

I have a friend I have met here at UK that I sit by in my horrid Astronomy class. He is very laid back and easy going, and I have gotten along with him from the start.

Today, we had a nice discussion on religion. It started with discussing purgatory and Catholicism, a topic I said I knew nothing about, as I have been a Baptist my whole life. He said that he isn't religious at all, so we discussed this.

We talked about how it seems unlikely that things could be as perfect as they are by random, and how the American church, which runs on the view of "bigger is better," has skewed off of what Christ put forth for us to follow.

Materialism is not the focus of why we should follow our Lord and Saviour. The "Prosperity Gospel" is false. Instead, Jesus asks that we put aside ourselves and everything within our materialistic desires to focus on Him. After all, it is His stuff. He made it.

Anyways, my cartoon-drawing friend remains unsure about religion. I asked that if he had any questions that I would do my best to answer, or find someone else that can. Please pray that I have future opportunities with him. Thanks! :)

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