Monday, July 12, 2010

Clayburn Quote of the Day

"There's two kinds of people: heart breakers and life takers." -Zach Clayburn

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Why I Love Kentucky

While on vacation in Florida this past week, I fantasized about living along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the beautiful town of Ormond Beach (just north of Daytona Beach). The palms, sun, and surf are more than alluring. But, as I have journeyed north back to my home sate, I realize that I will likely never live anywhere else. Nor do I wish to.

I would miss Kentucky far too much to ever leave it. It runs deeper than missing my family and friends. It runs deeper than missing my beloved UK Wildcats. It's the very land that I would miss. It's home, and no where else could be.

I would miss hills, the rolling hills that encapsulate the central portion if the state, the "Bluegrass Region," where my home town of Lexington rises out of the endless countryside. I would miss the horse farms, with their white picket fences and perfectly cut grass and magnificent stallions and towering, almost impossibly lavish barns. I would miss fields of green tobacco, which are harvested to fill the vile cigarettes that support out states economy while killing it's citizens one pack at a time. I would miss the eastern Appalachian Mountains, looming massive over valleys, known as "hollers" in those parts.

I would miss some of the most varied weather in the continental US: lows below zero in the deepest parts of winter, with highs skyrocketing above one hundred with the arrival of the summer months. I would miss the maples, oaks, birch, and other deciduous trees that are found only in a temperate, mountainous place like Appalachia. I would miss the sights, both natural and man-made: the castle located just outside my beloved Fayette County, our gorgeous lakes and rivers, the Bluegrass Parkway, the canyons formed in the cliff sides of the aforementioned mountains by the aforementioned lakes and rivers.

I would miss the safety. Too far inland for hurricanes. Too mountainous for consistent tornadoes. Too temperate for insects to be too numerous. Too wet for a constant wildfire threat. Too dry for mudslides. A fault line- that has been inactive for hundreds of years. Most everything that plagues the rest of the country can be avoided for the most part in my glorious Kentucky.

These reasons, among more, are why I will never leave here. Kentucky is my home, and I would never have it another way.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bump in the Road

We all hit setbacks. Difficulty at work or school. Breakups. Etc. Something I try to do-but hardly accomplish-is to stay calm, and learn from said setback. The Bible says "don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself." So take everything in stride, and chill. It'll be ok.

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